OptiGraft Irradiated Sclera

Brand: OptiGraft

OptiGraft Irradiated Sclera

Brand: OptiGraft


Optimal Convenience, Cosmesis and Durability

Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research’s (LEITR) OptiGraft tissue bank service has streamlined the preparation and sterilisation process to provide sterile tissue services with the optimal safety profile at a competitive cost.

OptiGraft services utilise proprietary processing techniques and allow premium sterile allografts to be stored for up to two years for use on-demand.


Benefits of OptiGraft Sterile Tissue Bank Services Include:

  • Precut sizes and thickness (full and split)
  • Ready-to-use tissue without re-hydration or rinsing
  • Up to two-year shelf life at room temperature for scheduled or emergency cases


  • Clear cornea expands placement options (FOV, inferior, visible)

Tissue Integrity:

  • Proven tissue integrity and durability

Safety Profile:

  • Terminally sterilised to a sterility assurance level of 10-6

Sterile Patch Grafts for Glaucoma

  • Tube shunt and valve coverage
  • Trabeculectomy support
  • Structural integrity restoration
  • Bleb, scleral buckle repair and corneoscleral fistula repair