AmnioTek 2

Brand: AmnioTek

AmnioTek 2

Brand: AmnioTek

Introducing the new, innovative addition to the world wide brand AmnioTek processed dehydrated membrane AmnioTek 2. This new double thickness 100 micron tissue represents the latest in biologics technology for ocular surface reconstruction including:


Pterygium excision

Fornix Reconstruction

Chemical & Thermal Burns





Conjunctivoplasty – AmnioTek 2 shows good result as a graft in all pathologies resulting in conjunctival tissue loss, such as large conjunctival defects are difficult to treat, with little conjunctival reserve.

Pterygium excision – AmnioTek 2 shows good results when used in place of autograft, especially in large pterygium where little conjunctival reserve is available.

Fornix Reconstruction – AmnioTek 2 is a viable option for fornix reconstruction. It prevents fornix shortening and is valuable in patients who are unable to retain an ocular prosthesis.

What is the size of the membrane?

The size of each piece of AmnioTek 2 is 3 x 3 cm, one box of AmnioTek has one such piece.

What is the correct orientaton of the graft?

AmnioTek 2 is a double layered graft so it can be put in any orientation as both sides are stromal surfaces.

What is the shelf life of AmnioTek 2?

The shelf life of AmnioTek 2 is 3 years in the box. Once the box is opened it has to be used in the same sterile field.

Is it possible to re-sterilise the membrane once the box is open?

No, the membrane can not be re-seterilized after the packing is open, as sterility is lost once the box is open.