Polycryl Absorbable Suture

Brand: Aurolab

Polycryl Absorbable Suture

Brand: Aurolab


Quality and coat effective sutures from Aurolab


  • violet dyed (D&C Violet No. 2) suture available in monofilament as well as in braided form
  • coated with polycaprolactone and calcium stearate to avoid suture slip and fray out of sutures at the end
  • very high initial tensile strength
  • excellent knot security
  • excellent handling
  • perfect tensile strength during the crucial wound healing period = 65% initial tensile strength at 14 days and 35% initial tensile strength at 21 days



  • eliminate the need for a second invasive procedure
  • superior coating ensures first throw holding
  • easy knot positioning and ultimate knot security


  • strong enough to provide sufficient tissue support while degrading
  • advanced braiding technology guarantees excellent tensile strength
  • easy knot positioning and ultimate knot security


  • Poly Caprolactone and Calcium Sterate coating ensures a smooth & drag free passage through tissues

The following factors ensures the quality of the Polycryl sutures:

  • highly controlled packing environment, as sutures (especially absorbable sutures) are highly sensitive to moisture
  • products are tested for tensile strength, attachment strength, sterility, LAL test and moisture content before the release to ensure quality standards met