Feather Surgical Blades and Scissors

Brand: Feather

Feather Surgical Blades and Scissors

Brand: Feather


Disposable Scalpel

  • The Feather disposable scalpel is the last word in precision. Feather, utilising feedback from surgeons,
    has developed a design with the sharpest cutting edge available today.
  • Well-balanced construction, remarkable durability and in-the-package sterility further enhance total performance.
  • Best of all, these throw-away scalpels are highly economical.
  • Fully automated Feather production and quality control systems are the reasons why these disposable scalpels are the first choice of surgeons everywhere.
  • Feather disposable scalpels provide unsurpassed quality, uniformity and economy.
  • Indispensable in emergencies
  • Each scalpel is sterile and ready for use as soon as it is removed from the pull-apart aluminium wrapper.
    Safeshield Scalpel
  • Clear protective shield can be advanced (to cover the blade) and retracted multiple times.
  • 11 sizes are available and colour-coded button on the protective shield assists blade identification.

Blade remover

  • Feather Blade Remover enables safe and easy removal of used disposable blades from any size or type of scalpel handles.
  • It improves safety and hygiene by eliminating direct contact with blades and facilitates replacement.

Disposable Dermatome

  • Feather Disposable Dermatome is used for removal of damaged skin and skin grafting.
  • Sterilised packaging.
  • Excellent sharpness (precision-processed wavy blade).
  • 58mm blade length (15mm longer than conventional razors).

Traditionally, disposable shaving razors have been used for dermatology treatments and skin grafting, but there has been difficulties such as sharpness, handling and durability. With the technical guidance of top medical specialists, Feather developed the Feather Disposable Dermatome to provide exceptional cutting and handling ease.

Skin graft Blade

  • Feather disposable skin graft blade is made of stainless steel
  • Its sharp edge offers smooth shaving of burns, and prevents snapping.
  • The 157mm skin graft blade can be used with the following knives: ROSENBERG, BRAITHWAITE, COBBETT and WATSON.

Scissors – Chokkin (with strap)

  • Pocket-sized scissors designed for exceptional handling ease, cutting ability and safety.
  • “Chokkin” scissors are small enough to fit in a nurse’s pocket, and come with a holder and clip for easy access without damage to the pocket.
  • The perfect tool for the day-to-day hospital routine of nurse. Blade edges are specially processed with fluoroplastic.
  • Residual glue from adhesive tape will not cling to blade after cutting, thus assuring smooth cutting reliability of the scissors.
  • Stainless steel blade with plastic handles (ABS resin, heatproof temperature : 70℃)

Elastic strap providedChokkin


Prep Razor – Disposable Prep Razor 121S-B

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Individually blister packed.
  • Superbly sharp double-edge blade.


Disposable prep razor 121S-B



Feather Safeshield Scalpel

Feather blade remover