Operio Ultraclean Air Unit

Brand: Toul MediTech

Operio Ultraclean Air Unit

Brand: Toul MediTech


Ultraclean Air Everywhere

  • Increase your surgical procedure capacity outside the operating theatre
  • Add another layer of protection from bacteria inside the operating theatre

Flexible and Mobile

  • Utilises plug and play technology making it easy to use and transport between operation rooms and / or preparation rooms.
  • Also available in a ceiling or pendant mounted version.

Smart. Simple. Safe.

Operio is an innovative ultraclean air zone unit that ensures both the surgical site and instruments near the wound remain protected during entire surgical procedure. The ultraclean airflow is easily aimed over the surgical site or any other area where there is a need to keep the sterile integrity intact.

The Operio has a unique sterile single-use protective barrier. The unit circulates the ambient air through a HEPA filtration system and cleans it to prevent dangerous, airborne bacteria carrying particles from coming into contact with the surgical site, as well as surgical instruments near the surgical site.
Apart from the ultraclean zones the Operio also has a secondary effect on all ambient air in the room, with HEPA filtration of 400m3/hour.


Prevention of Infection

Prevention and cure of surgical site infections (SSIs) place an enormous burden on medical
and financial resources, both during surgery and post-operative hospital care. SSIs
generate costs for society and significant suffering for patients, often involving prolonged
periods of hospitalisation, which in turn create additional costs.
• > 90 % of airborne bacteria derives from the OR personnel. Every person sheds 10,000 skin particles per minute, where approximately 10% are bacteria carrying particles.
• Many infections occur due to sterile instrument being left in the open air and then contaminated by airborne bacteria carrying particles.