Aurovue EV Gold Monofocal IOL

Brand: Aurolab

Aurovue EV Gold Monofocal IOL

Brand: Aurolab


Yellow hydrophobic and cryolathed acrylic monofocal IOL in a preloaded delivery system

Yellow chromophore:

  • potentially shield the retina from short wavelength light


  • Hydrophobic acrylic
  • cryolathed = glistening free optic
  • optimal refractive index of the material is 1.47 = minimises lens induced dysphotopsias
  • anterior round edged polishing = prevents internal reflection and glares

Negative spherical aberration is provided to:

  • imitates results of the young natural crystalline lens
  • enhances depth of focus and contrast sensitivity in mesopic and scotopic conditions
  • withstands a tilt of 10 degree and decentration of 1.0mm

PCO prevention:

  • Truedge technology = a 360°square edge
  • 0.1mm projection at the optic-haptic junction prevents cell migration even through the haptic
  • 3° vault height at optic haptic junction
  • enhanced tackiness of the material

High ABBE number of 55:

  • better colour perception to the patient by reducing chromatic aberration

Lower glass transition temperature of 8°C:

  • keeps the Aurovue EV flexible even at lower temperatures

Force enduring haptic:

  • better rotational stability and centration
  • accommodates in all capsular bag size

Preload preparation steps:



Model number HP760APY
Optic diameter 6.0mm
Overall length12.5mm
Optic designAspheric (negative abberation)
Haptic designForce enduring haptics
Angulation 3° Angulation
Square edge360° Square Edge
A constant 118.7 optical
ACD value5.0mm
Diopter rangeRange = +5.0D to +35.0D
Range = +10.0D to +30.0D
+10 .0D to +15.0D and +25.0D to +35.0D = 1.0D increments
+15.0D to +25.0D = 0.5D increments
Delivery systemDisposable preloaded delivery system
Lens material Yellow hydrophobic acrylic
10% UV cut off385nm
Light TransmittanceMore than 90%
Glass Transition Temperature 8° C
Refractive Index1.47