Optego Prism Flippers

Brand: Optego

Optego Prism Flippers

Brand: Optego


Optego® Training Prism Flippers each include four prismatic lenses.

The flipper lenses are constructed using chemically hardened glass (plano base curve), making them more durable and more resistant than plastic lenses.

The prismatic power and position is clearly labeled with permanent washable labels; and indicate the combined powers unless yoked or base up/down.

    • Example A 4^in/4^out = Top 2^in/2^in Bottom 2^out/2^out
    • Example B 8^in/12^out = Top 4^in/4^in Bottom 6^out/6^out

Available in white or a range of colours.

Frame length: 216 mm

Lens diameter: 35 mm

Made in the USA.