Fluoron EasyGas SF6

Brand: Fluoron

Fluoron EasyGas SF6

Brand: Fluoron


EasyGas SF6 – Sulphurhexafluoride, 60ml syringe, effective tamponade for 6 days

  • Quick and easy application through sterile pre-filled system
  • Safe usage because of precise, non-expanding mixture ratio in each syringe
  • No mix-up of gases due to colour coding
  • Three gases for different tamponade durations
  • Reduced risk for hypertension or ischemia, because manual mixing is not required
  • No subsequent surgery for tamponade removal necessary
  • Contains patient information card and patient wristband


EasyGas SF6 is used as a long-term tamponade after operative treatment of severe retinal detachment, particularly for:

  • retinal detachments with giant tears
  • retinal detachments without proliferation
  • retinal detachments in cases of proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR)
  • traumatic retinal detachments
  • macular holes
  • proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR).

Each syringe is pre-mixed to the non-expansive percentage

Having a non-expanisve mixture means no residual expansion post op which can ‘squeeze’ the anterior chamber (AC) and lead to an increase in IOP, discomfort for the patient or perhaps unintended damage to the AC. This gives you the confidence that you are getting the same tamponade effect and reproducable results, every time.

EasyGas comes in a sterile, pre-filled syringe for quick and easy preparation

EasyGas uses specially designed, single use, pre-filled and mixed sterile syringes to hold the gas. Instead of manually drawing gas in theatre using cumbersome gas cylinders, EasyGas is a ready-to-use-system which guarantees the gas-air concentration will be the same every time. The unique presentation makes EasyGas quick, safe and reliable to prepare and apply.