Reper Artificial Iris

Brand: Reper

Reper Artificial Iris

Brand: Reper



This is the only hydrophobic foldable artificial iris on the market.  It is manufactured from acrylic which delivers outstanding biostability and biocompatibility.


Before designing the artificial iris, Reper studied over 150 variations of human iris patterns. Their  technology allows them to reconstruct any pattern using 1200 colour combinations. The user can select  300 existing designs to match the patient’s fellow eye. In cases where a more tailored approach is required, their specialists can design a custom iris pattern.


Reper have created several artificial iris models to fit a range of clinical cases. They have developed various haptic design combinations to provide surgeons with better cosmetic outcomes and more efficient ways to conduct procedures.

Optical Correction

The artificial iris can be selected to have a built-in monofocal IOL to provide optical correction.